The School of Dance has been running for over 40 years. My passion for dancing began at an early age and at just 3 years old I joined The School of Dance myself. I went on to vocational dance school in London (LSC) for a year then I finished my diploma of HE at Bodywork Company Cambridge. I have enjoyed many experiences after this, from working on cruise ships and my time with Spirit Productions and subsequently traveling all over the world. Finally I came back home to start a family of my own and I was thrilled to take over The School of Dance Watlington. I gained my teaching qualifications along the way. My classes include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre, Flex and Tone and Pointe work. I teach my classes at Watlington Village Hall on Church Road in Watlington, Norfolk. Students can start at any age (around 3 years) and there is no age limit if you love to dance!